How To Win Customers And Never Lose Them Again

The last step is what most businesses miss — and the most important.

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The biggest challenge for startups, and existing businesses, is winning customers and retaining them. Things get ten-fold tougher if they are venturing into a saturated market. Sometimes, pricing strategies are futile when the industry price is so low for new businesses to survive the competition. In this case, knowing how to win customers and never lose them becomes crucial. Following this method effectively wins one customer at a time. However, if you diligently serve, one won customer is a customer for life.

These simple processes detail how to win new customers and keep them all through your business.

Be Honest About Your Product Features

As your business is just starting out, you may be tempted to tell your customers all the cool stuff that your product can do and more.

Come on… What’s with all the hype?

Experienced customers know when a product is being overrated. Inexperienced customers may fall for the bait with high expectations. When they find out it’s not as cool as they imagined, they’d be out the door. Along with potential customers linked to them.

Instead of telling customers so much about your product, focus on them, and understand their problems instead. When your product doesn’t solve the customer’s problem, be honest about it. Tell them that your products are not designed to solve their kind of problem. Offering further help by suggesting products that would help can be valuable to the customer. Moreover, you have nothing to lose, you are not sending a customer to a competitor. They are a competitor if only you offered the products that the customer needed.

Also, by pointing the customer in the right direction, you win their respect and many will be happy to come around when they need a product that you offer. Just do the brief work of educating them on what problems your products solve. And let them know you will be more than happy to be of service to them whenever possible.

Before, you send a customer away, think outside the box to check if there’s a way you can tweak your product features to solve the customer’s problem. While I worked at , some time ago, as a Technical Support, we would tweak product features creatively to solve a customer’s problem. When there is no single feature meeting a need, we’d combine several features to produce the desired result while the dev team worked on rolling something out.

Reach Customers Where They Are

Don’t expect customers to find you wherever you’re hiding. They have a problem that your product solves; go to them and let them know that. Without your product, they aren’t dead. They will continue living if they fail to realize your existence. However, life will be a lot easier for them if they know that your product exists. Find them, and let them know that you’re there for them.

If your customers are on social media, reach out to them on the appropriate platform. If, like Lamborghini, your customers are not “Lazy TV viewers”, why invest in television ads?

Find them and show them what you have for them. Just avoid being intrusive. People hate intrusion even though you’re offering to help them. Just be nice and find subtle ways to get across to them.

Educate Your Customers

Educate them if they don’t know. Some of them don’t even recognize the problem. They just live with it. Until you let them know that it’s a problem and they can do better at it, they won’t see a need for your product. Invest enough resources and effort into educating your customers.

When the education about a problem (and its solution thereof) comes from your business, customers will feel indebted to you and would rather get the solution from you than from a competitor. I recall educating my granny about a problem she could solve with her cellular. After that day, she’d rather have me handle her cellular than have the inventors come 1 kilometer close.

While educating them, although it’s highly valuable, do it for free. It’s a piece of information that would get to them sooner or later anyway. In an era where information is invaluable yet worthless, you have nothing to lose sharing it with your customers for free.

Respond Fast. Show Empathy.

The blueprint for how to win customers and ensuring you never lose them again is understanding that your customers are humans, with human needs. Take your customer as a wife and you are the husband. She wants you to respond to her queries even before it is raised and she wants a favorable answer. While you answer her, she needs to know that you genuinely understand her concerns.

Showing empathy when dealing with prospects shows them that you truly care about them. Care is reciprocal. They also will care about what you have to offer. By responding to their queries quickly, you show that you value their interest in your business. Also, it shows that you respect their time and wouldn’t want to waste it.

Slow, Steady, Build Reputation.

When you start a new business, there is this urge to win as many customers as possible. Controlling this urge and growing at a controlled rate is important. You need to have this in mind as the first thing when trying to win new customers. Slowly win them, steadily keep the existing customers satisfied.

One satisfied customer is a thousand prospective customers.

Startups need to pay close attention to how their customers are faring with their products. This way, you can modify your product to meet their needs. This is almost impossible when you are carrying too many customers at an early stage of your startup.

Streamline your customers, win one, do everything you can to satisfy that customer 100 percent. Harvest feedbacks from them. Win another customer, satisfy her, and harvest feedbacks.

Bottom Line

There’s no short cut to winning customers. You have to be human and let them know that, even though you’re not the best human, you have their best interest at heart and you’re ready to go the lengths to solve their problems. The ones that you’re uniquely positioned to solve.

Originally published at on July 8, 2020.

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