How To Sell Products That Customers Will Love

Price has nothing to with it.

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It is one thing to have a product to sell and it is another thing to sell a product that customers will love. Doing the latter requires you to horn certain skills that put you and your product on a platform that the customers crave to be. Because most entrepreneurs do not know how to make customers love their products, they often sell with difficulties.

Let me give an instance of a product that customers love. Apple products are a perfect example. We love the iPhone and most other products not because of its features. Of course not. Many iPhone users don’t even know the unique features let alone use it. Just last month, I though a friend how to command Siri with her voice. She never knew such minor features existed on her iPhone, albeit using it for over two years.

Your brand may not be as big as Apple, perhaps you sell squeezed apple juice (pardon my dry humour), but you can sell it to customers in a way that they will love it. Actually, they will crave to have it. Here are a few things to look at.

Give your product badass packaging

Purchasing decisions are emotional and the influence of aesthetics on our emotions is underrated. Everyday products are on the aisle of various grocery stores. An exceptionally packaged brand creates an impression. WIth impression comes emotional attachments and then sales. We are more likely to pick a powder-blue teddy bear from the aisle than we would a dark brown one. This is because powder-blue is striking and attractive. It’s an excellent packaging for a properly shaped sack of cotton.

Remember the saying that “humans are moved by what they see and feel”? It has never been more true with packaging. Package your products right and worry less about getting customers’ attention.

Pay less attention to price

When customers love your product, they care very little about the price difference. Personal story: I love but Nescafe seems to be the leading brand here because it’s freaking cheap. I go the extra mile to find myself a bucket of Forger’s even though it costs 2.5 times more. Trust me, it’s a nicely packaged and amazing roast of coffee. (PS: I’m not advertising for Forgers. I’m only giving an instance.)

Although customers love your product, it doesn’t warrant an annoying hike in price. Some are actually with you because of influence. Influence from the people they admire who are loyal to your product. As long as the price is not outrageously high, you should focus on delivery what makes your customers happy and pay less attention to the price competition going on in the market.

Focus on customers and not your product

Okay, this may sound a bit confusing. The product is not yours. The customers are yours and the products belong to them. If you think of the product as yours and focus on it, you will fall in love with your product. You will only see the good in it and add features that seem cool to you. You can’t love your products and love your customers. It rarely happens because customers will want you to take out some features that you loved. They will want you to add what you didn’t want to add.

Apple discontinuing their beloved iTunes is a sign that their products aren’t theirs. Customers wanted the iTunes Apps separated and there they went with the Music, Podcast, etc. Customers don’t want their privacy breached, there Apple goes again, fighting the FBI to make sure their products stand strong for customers. That how to sell a product that customers will love. Why won’t you just love Apple?

Ignore positive feedbacks, focus on the negative ones

If you own a social media page or a community where your customers converge, you are going to see positive and negative comments. Often, the positive ones are ego-fueling. Nothing feels better than seeing your customers enjoy your product. However, those positive feedbacks don’t matter. Those are satisfied customers and they will probably come back to buy. The negative ones, on the other hand, are coming from customers that are about to walk out the door toward your competitors. They should get your attention. Fix their complaints and assure them that their patronage is valued to your business.

They are a part of your business, ignoring one of them means losing over 500 potential customers in the cause of 10 years. Focusing on their feedbacks and taking action to make it better can help you improve your product. That makes your product better for the existing customers and attract new ones.

How you sell a product that customers will love is not rocket science. It is a simple act of courtesy towards your customers at all times. Instead of focusing on making your product better, focus on making your customers happier. A happy customer is blindly in love.

Originally published at on July 14, 2020.

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