Diversity Is Being Too Broadly-focused

What happens to the coffee shop down the street?

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The fuss about diversity in corporate organizations has grown into an industry of its own. Every diversity consultant and researchers are focusing on multinationals and huge national corporations on the NYSE limelight.

Has anyone wondered what happens in the far smaller organizations?

The coffee shop down in the suburb. The local delivery service. The grocery stores in suburbs and rural areas.

Although these businesses have a streamlined demographic of applicants seeking employments at their establishment, there is a lot they would have achieved if they never sent away that guy that didn’t look like the locals. This may not get the attention that it needs and it fosters within our remote communities, making life more frustrating for people looking to start a life in a new neighborhood.

“Micro-diversity” should be a consideration that can show these small businesses how much they can benefit from building a diverse team. Small entrepreneurs are filled with limitless potentials. With the right team, these small businesses can scale into much bigger enterprises within their locality or beyond.

I’m not a diversity expert. However, I’ve spent several weeks researching on the subject and I’d observed how broadly focused existing diversity practices are. Experts only launch research on conglomerates and multinationals, ignoring the places where they meet their everyday needs for coffee and groceries.

My question this day is:

Is diversity designed for big businesses only?

The country, experts, and business owners need to micro-focus on diversity in small businesses. They need to learn to serve customers without discriminations of any sort and also employ a diverse team no matter how small their team might be.

Why do white employees or business owners in the suburbs treat non-white customers like trash?

Why do non-whites fall short of the services available to everyone?

Why do non-whites access these small facilities with fear of the unknown?

Experts and the government focus on big corporations that already know that they are in the limelight while the actual discrimination keeps going on in these small businesses.

If truly the diversity industry is designed to help equality and enforce the Civil Rights Act of 1964, they must take equality as a primary objective and help every business achieve this goal, irrespective of its size.

First, I breathe. Then, I write. That’s all. (Founder and EIC, .)

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