Augustine O. Ojeh

SpaceX CEO could face charges of market manipulation upon successful regulation of crypto.

Less than 24 hours after Elon Musk hosted the Saturday Night Live on NBC, SpaceX confirmed a deal with the Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) that was fully funded with an undisclosed amount in Dogecoin.

The deal was for Elon’s SpaceX to help launch a 40-kg cube satellite on the moon…

A guide for achieving ambitious goals.

Growing up, I’ve heard advice from people of influence, asking their audience to set their goals high and never settle for less.

This, as inspiring as it sounds, is the reason behind many unrealized goals. This is because we misinterpret advice.

Growing up with this advice sounding like church bells…

The last step is what most businesses miss — and the most important.

The biggest challenge for startups, and existing businesses, is winning customers and retaining them. Things get ten-fold tougher if they are venturing into a saturated market. Sometimes, pricing strategies are futile when the industry price is so low for new businesses to survive the competition. In this case, knowing how…

Most importantly, identify your business and yourself as separate entities.

As a startup entrepreneur, one of the challenges you might face is separating your business expenses from your personal expenses. This can be crippling some times. However, smartly handling personal expenses while running a startup business is crucial. For most people, they send money into the same account, whether it’s…

Augustine O. Ojeh

First, I breathe. Then, I write. That’s all. (Founder and EIC,

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